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Here are some tools, mostly software, that I use and enjoy.

Hardware #

Software #

Apps #

Websites #

NewsBlur #

NewsBlur is my RSS reader of choice and I've been a loyal user since at least 2011. Some of my favorite features of NewsBlur are:

  • The ability to train it to ignore keywords or tags in feeds.
  • The quirky but lovable UI.
  • The fact that I can 3rd party front-end apps, like NetNewsWire on iOS and macOS.
  • The fact that it's open source, even though I have no plans to run my own instance.

Self-hosted Software #

Home Assistant #

I've been running Home Assistant for years, but I'm definetely under-utilizing it. I mostly use HAss as a way to write automations (like this one) and have an API for things like my Sonos speakers.

I also use the Home Assistant Companion apps on iOS and macOS.

Nightscout #

I've got diabetes and I'm a nerd, so I use Nightscout to store my own copy of my CGM data. I utilize the Nightscout API in order to quickly refer to my measurements using tools like Shortcuts and XBar.