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Here are some of the hardware and software I use and enjoy.

Hardware #

  • 14" & 16" M1 MacBook Pros - I love these laptops. I've got one for work and another as my personal laptop, and both the big and small form factor are great in their own ways. The screens are gorgeous, and I've grown to love the notch. Don't judge me.
  • iPhone 15 Pro - A great phone. Although I long for an updated Mini, I love the cameras on this phone and the overall aesthetic and feeling remind me of the iPhone 5 in a really nice way.
  • iPad Mini
  • Kobo Libra H2O - A great e-reader, especially if you use [Overdrive] with your public library.
  • Sony A6000
  • Apple Watch

Software #

Cross-platform: #

  • 1Password
  • Things
  • Drafts - A quick text editor, which also seems wildly scriptable and that I feel I'm probably underutilizing.
  • Telegram

On my computers: #

  • Alfred
  • Firefox
  • VSCode

On my phone: #

  • Mastodon client: Ivory
  • Podcast client: Pocket Casts
  • RSS reader: NetNewsWire as a front-end for NewsBlur

Self-hosted: #

  • Dokku - I've been using Dokku to easily deploy applications to a VPS for years. It's super easy and gives me that nice Heroku-ish feeling I love, which makes it easier for me to deploy and self-host side projects.
  • Unraid - I run Unraid on my home server to act as a NAS and self-host things that I need running on my local network like Home Assistant and PiHole.
  • Home Assistant - I've been running Home Assistant for years, but I'm definetely under-utilizing it. I mostly use HAss as a way to write automations (like this one) and have an API for things like my Sonos speakers. I also use the Home Assistant Companion apps on iOS and macOS.
  • Nightscout - I've got diabetes and I'm a nerd, so I use Nightscout to store my own copy of my CGM data. I utilize the Nightscout API in order to quickly refer to my measurements using tools like Shortcuts and XBar.
  • TiddlyWiki
  • Huginn - I haven't used it for a couple of years, but I used to be a big fan of using Huginn as a task runner.

Websites: #

  • NewsBlur - My RSS reader of choice, I've been a loyal user since at least 2011. Some of my favorite features of NewsBlur are:
    • The ability to train it to ignore keywords post titles or specific tags in feeds.
    • The quirky but lovable UI.
    • The fact that I can 3rd party front-end apps, like NetNewsWire on iOS and macOS.
    • The fact that it's open source, even though I have no plans to run my own instance.