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I like iOS Shortcuts! Here are some examples of Shortcuts that I find useful.

A helper that searches DuckDuckGo for something on the current domain:

Screen shot of Site Search shortcut contents

What's my blood sugar? #

Fetch the latest blood glucose reading from my Nightscout server and read it back to me.

Join Playing Sonos #

Quickly join a Sonos speaker to the playing speaker. Read more »

🪦 Graveyard #

Some Shortcuts that are no more.

Tweet Actions #

(iOS, Share Sheet) For many years I was a Twitter power-user. In order to make my life a little better, I created a Shortcut that would serve as a quick launch for common actions I'd like to take on a tweet:

  • 🧵 Unroll Thread
  • 🐤 Open in Tweetbot
  • 🎥 Download GIF

Each of these actions would just run another Shortcut, passing along the URL as input. This is a helpful pattern I use in other Shortcuts.